Is Reducing the Number of Calories by Cutting Back on Jumbo Burgers a New Years Resolution for You in 2022?


Looking to clean up your diet in 2022? You might agree that there are few temptations more difficult to avoid on your path to healthy eating than a juicy fast-food burger.

And with the seemingly endless options now offered by the fast-food industry, as well as our growing proclivity for ordering food online, it has become easier than ever to be seduced by this staple of the American diet.

While we would never tell you to give up burgers completely, we do want to point out that there's a difference between indulging and overindulging. Indulging looks different for each individual—what may be a no-no for you is a more permissible dietary faux pas for someone else—but overindulging looks very much the same, especially when it comes to fast-food burgers.

It's the burgers that end up serving you too much of everything: the doubles and the triples loaded with multiple slices of bacon and cheese, with calorie counts over 1,000, and exorbitant amounts of sodium and fat.

"While a hamburger can fit into a healthy diet, many fast-food chains have taken the concept of "burger" over the edge by increasing the portions sizes and piling on high-calorie additions like bacon and creamy sauces," says Amy Goodson, a registered dietitian and certified specialist in sports dietetics.

According to Eat this, Not that online blog, at the top of their Worst Burgers list sits another Wendy's culinary gem: the Big Bacon Cheddar. Listen, this burger, just like most others, is a perfectly reasonable indulgence in a single-patty form (which has 810 calories.) But turn it into a triple and you're consuming almost a pound of beef, three times the cheese.

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