Area History 101: Why is Thiensville Landlocked by Mequon?


Contributed by Emily Files

If you are new to the area or just never realized it, take a look at a map of the Milwaukee suburbs, and you’ll notice one is not like the others. The village of Thiensville is about one square mile and surrounded on all sides by Mequon.

Bubbler Talk question-asker Hannah Francis grew up in Mequon and now lives in Washington, D.C. She started to wonder about Thiensville during a geography lesson back when she was in high school.

"We were learning about enclaves and exclaves," Francis said. "An enclave being a territory that is completely surrounded by another territory. And I was thinking about it and I was like obviously I grew up in one – well I grew up in the territory that surrounded it."

Other examples of enclaves include San Marino in Italy and Lesotho in South Africa.

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